Monday, May 9, 2011

"The Cult of Man."

A brief extract from Pope Paul VI's words during the closing of Vatican Council II on December 7, 1965.
"Secularizing and profane humanism has finally appeared in its terrible stature, and has, in a certain sense, defied the Council. The religion of God Who became man has encountered the religion of man who makes himself God."

"What happened?
A clash, a battle, an anathema?
This could have happened; but it did not take place.
The old story of the Samaritan has been the model of the Council's spirituality.
An unlimited sympathy has pervaded it completely.
The discovery of human needs has absorbed our Synod's attention."

"Recognize for it at least this merit, you modern humanists, who deny the transcendence of the highest things, and recognize our new humanism: we too, we more than anybody, have the cult of man."

The cult of man or secular humanism was initially the religion of Marxism but today it is the religion of most intellectuals and those with a liberal disposition.

Has the religion of God, who became man, been overwhelmed by the religion of man who makes himself God?

Has the revolt against God yet reached the point where the God, who became man, will intervene and what form will the intervention take?

I believe the intervention will be a Great Illumination of Conscience!

Through the intervention of Mary Most Holy, each of us will see the truth about ourself in the "Light of Christ."

We will come face-to-face with the Truth who is the Christ, He who referred to Himself as the Way, the Truth and the Life.

Many people have lost their lives in recent years to eathquakes, tsunamis, storms, inundations and other natural disasters. Many more will lose their lives to radiation poisoning and from the polluting of the Gulf of Mexico.

Surely through the mediation of Our Blessed Mother, God will soon give us the Illumination so that we might know the Truth and be set free from the Cult of Man.

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