Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Date for The Warning

The Date of the Warning - The Sixth Seal

Antonio Yague, using Sacred Astronomy has a convincing argument that God reveals Himself and His designs for mankind, through the stars, the planets, the sun and the moon.

Using a combination of information from private revelation (Garabandal and Guadalupe) and Sacred Scripture, Antonio Yague predicts that the Warning will occur on November 13/14, of this year 2016.

Antonio Yague has also offered a date for the Miracle, April 13, 2017, one month prior to the centenary of the first apparition of the Virgin in Fatima, Portugal.

To complete his predictions, Antonio Yague gives a date for the Abomination of Desolation, July 31, 2017, which is also the beginning of  the 3.5 year reign of the antichrist.

Modern computer technology has made it easy to look at the night sky over Jerusalem in the years 2 and 3 BC. The good news is that there was a series of astronomical events that brought the Wise Men from the East looking for the child who would be king. There are signs to show the death of the Redeemer in the year 33AD. Antonio Yague has used the technology and a host of intuition to predict  Antonio Yaguethe most important events facing mankind at this time.

The Warning will coincide with arrival of a brown dwarf which by interposing itself between the sun and planet earth will cause the sun to become dark and the moon to turn to blood. The nearness of the brown dwarf will cause violent earthquakes and a pole shift. Tidal waves will inundate areas populated by many millions of people. The loss of life will be 'astonomical'. The failure of electrical production and distribution will cause even greater loss of life in the weeks and months following.

Antonio Yague is of the opinion, again using Sacred Astronomy, that Russia and its allies will invade Europe beginning August 24, this year. This prediction was made in 2013, long before Russia's intervention in the affairs of Syria. If the prediction is accurate it should cause us all to examine our consciences in anticipation of November 13.

These affairs are the subject of an ebook available in English and Spanish entitled:
 "Sacred Astronomy and the End Times, (Part 1)".

Nearly everyone knows more about Sacred Astronomy and Sacred Scripture than I do. Read it for yourself and discern. As for me and my household, we are working on the basis that the date of the Warning is correct and that we will soon see the events of our lives in the Light of Christ. We have nearly six months to prepare and we don't intend to waste them.