Saturday, January 22, 2011

Why Ireland?

Today, I learned that the Irish have decided to resolve their financial/fiscal problems by printing Euros. Apparently this is allowed, provided it is first approved by the European Bank.
What a nice simple solution!

My first question is Why Ireland?

If members of the European Union can print money, why did Greece not do so?
Why are Spain and Portugal not doing the same?

I know one cannot answer a question with a question but...

I wonder how the Germans are going to feel when it becomes common knowledge that the Irish are printing Euros? Will they be relieved they are no longer be forced to bail the Irish out? Or will they be angry that the successor to their 'beloved' mark is being destoyed by the Celts?

A second question;
Is this dispensation afforded to the Irish, as a reward or a punishment?

Back a couple of years ago the Irish people were unwilling to support the notion of a European Constitution. The result of a national plebicite was no! Europe was check mated. Without an Irish yes, there could be no Constitution.

The Celtic Tiger started to falter. The Irish realized the bubbble was deflating or might indeed pop. A second referendum was organized and the Irish reversed themselves, saying yes by a small majority. A majority put the potential for continued prosperity before conscience.

End of problem?

It seems not.
The bubble popped.
The political leaders, putting the needs of the bankers paramount, all  offered to guarentee the assets of the Irish banks without counting the cost of what they were doing. The rest is history.

But, it seems the simple solution to National Debt is just to print one's way out of the disaster. Paper and ink are cheep. Can a $50 Euro note can cost much more that twenty five cents to print?

So, to return to the first question. Is Ireland being rewarded or punished for saving the European Constitution?  If punished, by whom?

As I ponder the questions, I am put in mind of an old legend about Ireland.
Saint Patrick on meeting God was allowed to know the 'end times' situation of  his beloved people. On finding they will lose the 'faith' before the end, he asks for a different outcome. The solution offered, is that before Ireland looses the faith, the Island itself will be inundated by the ocean and sink beneath the waves.
This is the good news for Ireland. I wonder what the good news is for the rest of the world?

Friday, January 7, 2011

"Me Thinks He Doth Protest Too Much."

Nicolas Sarkozy, the French head of state, was quoted this week as saying,
"We cannot accept and therebye facilitate what looks more and more like a particularly wicked programme of cleansing in the Middle East, religious cleansing."

On the face of it, one might conclude that Sarkozy was expressing indignation about the Coptic Christians killed in Eygpt celebrating the Orthodox Christmas or even the Christians recently killed in Iraq, while worshiping in a Catholic church.

Marie Julie was told that the first crisis would come about, when an evil man would come to power in France. She was told that he was not to be trusted depite professions of morality. Marie Julie was given a title for the man and there is little doubt in my mind that Nicolas Sarkozy is the best fit for the person in question. Is Sarkozy trying to forment religious intolerance or express true moral indignation?

France has a hugh population of North African immigrants who are at least cultural, if not pius, Muslims. Why would the head of state of of a country with ten million or more Muslim immigrants be making such comments? Has he been heard expressing moral indignation when Muslims murder one another during prayer in Iraq? It seems to me to be the ultimate in hypocracy, if not itself part of a "wicked programme" of propaganda.

In the same week, three executives were suspended at France's Renault for "unspecified ethical issues".   A French minister complained that  "economic warefare" was hurting French industry. Imagine that! How embarrassing that a WikiLeaks cable, just made public, quotes the head of a German satelite company as saying that France is the top industrial espionage offender, worse than China and Russia combined. Imagine that! German counter intelligence experts claim Germany will lose 30 Billion Euros or 30,000 jobs to economic espionage.

One wonders how long will Germany regard France as a partner in the European Union. Are not members of the union supposed to be political, economic and monetary allies?

From what was revealed to Marie Julie, it is unclear whether the first crisis is an accident, so to speak, or a deliberatley engineered event. If one believes that nothing in politics or economics occurs by sheer happenstance, then I am inclined to wonder if the first crisis will be brought about by the same "elite" that instigated the French revolution. It seems that Nicolas Sarkozy must be a member of their ranks, and as heaven advised, is not to be trusted.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

The 599th Birthday of Saint Joan of Arc

The talking heads are adding their bit to global warming with their comments on the new version of Mark Twain's Huck Finn, from which the "n" word has been removed.

Today, is the anniversary of the birth of the Church's great saint, Jean d'Arc or Joan of Arc, as we English speakers call her. Being British by birth, there are some things of which I am ashamed but none more than the way the British hierarchy, secular and eccesiastical, treated their enemy Joan.

Being American by adoption, it is a source of some joy that my compatriot Mark Twain is the author of, what many agree, is the best biography on Joan. The fictional biography, "Personal Recollections of Joan of Arc",  was originally published under a nom de plume. Twain was unsure how the work would be received under his own name. He claimed the work as a labor of love when he said,
 "Possibly the book may not sell, but that is nothing - it was written for love."
Quite a claim for an opus that he spent more than a decade researching and writing.

In days gone by, we celebrated the feast of the Epiphany on January 6. Today, Epiphany is a moveable feast and of late, it falls on the second Sunday after Christmas. We know so little about the Magi, not even how many there were. In contrast, we know so much about Joan and her contribution to France becoming known as the Elder Daughter of the Church. Given the key role that France will play in the restoration of the Catholic Faith, I would like to use this occasion to say ,"Vive le France and Vive the Maid".

2012, will be the six hundred anniversary of Joan's birth. Think about it!
How much France and the world owes Joan, yet how little does the average Catholic know about her. Give your children a treat by reading Twain's biography on Joan to them. It is both exciting and inspiring. Perhaps this is one way to help form the hearts of the young people Henri will need to accompany him as he rids the world of  God's enemies. I believe you can gain  more than a glimpse of Henri's character, in Joan. For example, Joan never shed her enemies' blood despite the engagements in which she fought. Henri's hands too will be free of blood, despite his many battles.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

"No war may be waged in God's name"

These words are attributed to the Pope by someone defending him from a recent verbal attack by the former Grand Mufti of Egypt.

Marie Julie was told that when the Great Monarch is revealed he will enter France and make his way to Brittany where he will raise an army to drive out those who have invaded and occupied France, (the third crisis). Subsequently he will do the same in Italy before going to Germany to defeat the enemies of the Church in one last battle, often referred to as Armegeddon.

How will the Great Monarch be able to defeat the enemies of the Church if,
          "No war can be waged in God's name."?

Does the answer lie in the proposition that it is NOT sinful to injure or kill a person(s) who is trying to harm or kill you or someone you are responsible for? In order to prevent someone from committing a mortal sin, one may restrain or even use deadly force against the would-be sinner.

Will Henri's army consist of virtuous "soldiers" whose mission is to protect and preserve the life of Henri? Given such a mission they would not wage war in God's name but could kill those who will try to kill Henri.

Marie Julie was told that Angels will fight on Henri's side in battle. Could it be that Angels are better able to discern the intentions of Henri's enemies and will also restain or kill those who would commit mortal sin against him or his followers?

How does one recruit an army of supporters who are only allowed to use force to prevent the commission of sin? Not an easy task; only possible with divine assistance. Such an army would consist of loving people in whose hearts there is no desire to harm the enemy but to save him from damnation.

I wonder who and where are the Spirit-filled parents who are grooming their children in preparation for the appearance of the Great Monarch?

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

"This is an appeal to citizens, young and old, to take responsibility for the things in our society that don't work."

The above comment came from an essay, recently published as a book, by Stephane Hessel a former member of the French Resistance. Hessel has identified a number of issues about which he is indignant and invites other citizens to do the same. Hessel's essay is fast becoming a "best seller" with sales of one million copies predicted soon. No doubt it will be translated into many languages.
Hessel recommends peaceful and non-violent insurrection; interesting given his background in the Resistance.

Are there any issues about which you are indignant?
Is there anything that upsets you about which you are prepared to advocate insurrection?
The things that Hessel was indignant about were of little interest to me; but each to his own.

I wonder what are the things that God is indignant about today?
Is the Creator content with the behavior of the creatures, especially the human ones?
Is there a nation or group of people that one can look toward and confidently say the Creator must be content with them?
Is there a country whose citizens are a model to the rest of the world?
Is there a commercial enterprise that has the right motives?
Is there a charity or NGO one can say is admirable?

It was revealed to Marie Julie that her Creator was very unhappy with the people of France who had formerly been know as the Elder Daughter of the Church.
Not only had France murdered its King and Queen, but it had in large part turned its back on belief in Jesus as the Christ of God.
Mary Magdelene, her sister Martha and  her brother Lazarus, among others had brought the Good News to, what was then Gaul, shortly after the murder of Jesus.
Today, in France, belief in the Creator described by Mary Magdelen is all but dead, but a new community of believers has sprung up. It believes the Creator has no son, and that his last prophet was not in fact Jesus but Mohammed.

I am indignant that it is permissible to say that Jesus was not the son of God but it is not permissible to say that Mohammed was never his prophet.
How can such a dual standard be allowed?
Why are the people of France not indignant that such hypocracy is permitted?
I wonder is the Creator, if there is one, not indignant too?

Monday, January 3, 2011


Why is denial such a powerful defense mechanism or coping strategy?

If one denies the existence of God or a Higher Power that serves the same purpose as God, then one effectively make oneself God.

If one denies the existence of Satan or Lucifer, one has done so as a consequence of making oneself God and denying that God is opposed.

Most people who believe in God or a Higher Power, believe that God is good and has creation's best interests at heart at all times. Such people believe God does not abandon creation to evil or ill, even though evil or ill things happen.
Those who believe in God know that all that God allows is good or can be put to good use.
Those who have given it some thought, know that what one often terms good is bad and that what is often termed bad, is actually good.
In our subjective, self-absorbed states, we are unable to see things clearly in the light of the Spirit and we often confuse good and bad.

When one is in denial, it is often because acceptance requires one to re-examin what one is labeling good or bad. Given one is only able to select what one's will has labeled good, one must ask oneself, 
"Have I made a labeling error?"

Mostly, we are unable to admit to labeling errors and we therefore enter into denial.

The world is in a terrible state of degeneration, disaster and war. Political leaders are unwilling or unable to bring about improvements to the situation of the majority of those who have elected them or keep them in office. Everywhere one looks, things are getting worse. Corruption, degeneration, and conflict are the order of the day. In our hearts we know that if there is a God, and if it is good, it must surely intervene.

Things are going to get worse. It was revealed to Marie Julie that the first crisis would consist of economic collapse. There will be chaos in France as a consequence of the failure of the political/economic system. There will be a great upheavel of the social order and people will be disaffected and hungry. This is not something that is going to happen just to "bad" people. This is going to happen to everybody, with the exception of the ruling elite.

Everyone in France is going to suffer hunger and fear, the "good" and the "bad" together. Given that all people believe their behavior and actions to be "good", how does one explain God will allow"bad" things to happen to "good" people. It can't be explained and is therefore denied.

The first crisis will not be isolated to France. One is already seeing economic retrenchment in countries such as Iceland, Ireland and Portugal. When retrenchment or "austerity measures", as the ruling elite call them, bite hard enough, people will realize they have been in denial and have failed to take advantage of the breathing space that was provided.

Now is the time to ask oneself several questions:
     "If there is an economic crisis coming, how can I best prepare myself and those I care about?"

Another question might be:
      "If I am wrong and no crisis materializes what harm will have been done by preparing?"

Why not seek inspiration from the Spirit on the basis that an economic collapse is imminent, and only take those actions that will be beneficial whether the collapse occurs or not?

Timing of the Great Monarch


The Question many people have is:
When will the Great Monarch be revealed? or
Will the Great Monarch come in my lifetime or even the lifetime of my children?

Heaven has given a clear unambiguous answer to this question through the messsages given to Marie Julie.

She was told that immediatley preceeding the three crisises there would be a certain coming or event.
The event has already occurred and it is therefore resonable to expect that the first crisis has begun. Current events in France certainly support the notion that the first crisis has in fact begun. Marie Julie was told the first crisis would not be long in becoming critical.

How long is not long?
I anticipate the first crisis will reach epic proportions within a year or two, ie, 2011 -2012.
Given how quickly things came undone following the Lehman crisis, a year or two should be sufficient.

How can one prepare for the first crisis?
The best and preferred prepeparations are always spiritual.
By submitting to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit we will each know how best to prepare for ourself and those who may be dependent on us.

The impact of the three crisises will exhaust the physical resources of most people, so physical preparation isn't the answer. It would be a blessing to have a small-holding somewhere removed from the larger cities, where one could enjoy some measure of self sufficiency. This is an option for so few, I don't propose to dwell upon it.

Given the increasing unpredictability of the weather it is prudent to have on-hand at least a two week supply of food and water. The primary need is always for water! How can you secure an ongoing supply of potable water? It is for questions like these that we need supernatural inspiration.

Food and water should be supplemented by sleeping bags and camping gear that would allow ones loved ones to live at home or outside the home for for an extended period.
It is to be expected that most, if not all homes will lose access to public utlilities such as electricity and gas. How will you keep from freezing during the winter months? Don't be fooled into thinking that cold weather is not historically a problem where you live. The weather is changing. History will only be a rough guide to what we might expect.

If you or a loved one is dependent on a particular medication, now is the time to seek inspiratin on how to provide for that person's ongoing needs.

As in everything, a prayerful approach to the Spirit is the best advice I can offer. There is at least one answer to every problem and in my experience the Spirit will usually offer two so that one can make a freewill choice.

To repeat what I said earlier; no one can prepare physically for all that is to come. Even if one could, what good would it do to provide for our physical needs, if we are not prepared spiritually.

The greatest impediment to preparation is denial.
Denial will be the subject of the next blog.