Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Is the Pope About To Act?

On Ocober 26th, 2001, the magazine "Inside the Vatican" reported that Sister Lucia of Fatima sent Pope John Paul II a letter of warning, in which it is claimed she said,
 "Soon there will be great upheaval and punishment."

Anyone who is familiar with timing given by heaven knows that 'soon' could easily be ten years.

The same magazine, "Inside the Vatican" has just printed, in its currrent edition, a letter from a person responsible for Vatican travel reporting that all the archbishops of the Church have been called to Rome for fourteen days starting October 10th. Those who cannot attend by October 17th are being told not to come at all.

No information was provided as to the reason for this 'synod' of archbishops to gather in Rome.

It will not have escaped the attention of Fatimaists that the archbishops will be in Rome for the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, 94 years ago. As I have suggested in an earlier blog, I believe the 100 year anniversary of Fatima coincides with the 100 years of increased power and influence given to the devil. If this is the case, the devil has only 6 years to bring about his triumph over the greater part of humanity.

Would the Blessed Virgin allow her adversary, to complete his span without winning for her children the grace of the "Illumination of Conscience"? I don't think so!

What are the archbishops going to discuss for two weeks?
Could it be the Warning or Illumination of Conscience?
Could it be an impending "great upheaval and punishment" as reported by Inside the Vatican in 2001?
Could it be a decision to release the missing Blessed Virgin's commentary on the third part of the secre ?

Time is short! It seems to me the Church will be overwhelmed by people seeking explanations and guidance after the Warning. What a great blessing it would be if the Holy Father was to instruct the world's bishops to prepare in advance. It would require enormous courage on the part of the Pope to step out in faith and make preparations in anticipation of the Warning.

I believe Pope Benedict XVI is the last pope of the 'common era' and as such is the one who will be forced to flee Rome and be martyred. I pray that he will use his remaining time wisely to do what requires great bravery by acting outside what we normally think of as the Vatican 'box'.

Please pray for the Pope.

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