Sunday, September 4, 2011

The 100 Year Reign of Satan and the Illumination of Conscience.

Why do I feel so convinced that Satan's 100 year reign will end in 2017?
It is because of the things that happened in 1917, which could have been the beginning of Satan's reign!

In February 1917, the Russian Revolution began.
(On October 25, there was an insurrection in Petrograd, as a result of which the Bolsheviks took control.)

On 27 May 1917, the Pope promulgated the first formal Code of Canon Law.
A good thing on the face of it but Canon 1543 read,
 "If a commodity which is consumed by its first use be lent on the stipulation that it becomes the property of the borrower, who is bound to return to the lender not the thing itself, but its equivalent only, the lender may not receive any payment by reason of the loan itself."

This teaching was a continuation of the Church's unbroken history but a tragic 'however' was added,
"In the giving or lending of such a commodity, however, it is not in itself unlawful to make an arrangement for the recovery of interest at the rate allowed by the civil law, unless that rate is clearly excessive."

What had been unlawful and sinful now became lawful if civil law allowed it.
Remember civil law also allows abortion, birth control, divorce and same-sex marriage.

Without this critical change in Canon Law, Catholics would have been unable to participate in the lending or borrowing of money with interest, and Protestants might have asked themselves about the morality of usury.
What a different place the world would be today if the teaching had not been changed.

In 1917, Europe was enmeshed in an evil war that was ultimately to lead to an even worse war with the rise of National Socialism in Germany.

In 1917, the reigning Pope was seriously concerned about the formation of Catholic priests and bishops, and their emphasis on education at the expense of faith formation. In his encyclical Humani genoris redemptionem, dated June 15, Benedict XV wrote,
"What gives a man's life worth and vigor and makes them promote wonderfully the salvation of souls is Divine Grace. 'God gave the increase. (2Cor3:6)'. But the grace of God is not gained by study and practice: it is won by prayer, therefore he who is little given to prayer or neglects it altogether, vainly spends his time and labor preaching, for in God's sight his sermons profit neither himself nor those that hear him."
The Pope went so far as to request that all those priests who are incapable of preaching be weeded out.
How many priests and bishops since 1917, have seemingly lacked Divine Grace but were not weeded out?
How many priests and bishops have devoted their time to earning an advanced degree?

I don't believe it was coincidental that the Blessed Virgin appeared at Fatima in 1917, to give the Church grave warnings!

Yet still the solemn consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart by the Pope and the bishops in union with him, has not happened

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  1. "Yet still the solemn consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart by the Pope and the bishops in union with him, has not happened" Pope John Paul II did go to Russia and prayed openly to accomplish that.